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Let’s face it . . . trauma is a fact of life.  From the death of a beloved family pet to the horrors of school shootings: there is no way to assure our children will not encounter traumatic events. So what’s a parent to do?
 The answer is that there are a number of highly effective ways to make sure our children are well-equipped to handle the traumatic experiences. In Portland, we can be fairly certain that our kids will encounter a rainstorm now and then, so what we do? Keep them inside? Heck no! We dress them in galoshes and a raincoat and send them out to meet the day!         

The truth is, your child will experience, at some time or other, a potentially traumatizing event. Whether or not your child is traumatized by the event depends, to a large degree, on how you have prepared them for such an experience. New findings in the field of neuroscience emphasize the importance of parents in regulating childrens’ neurobiological responses to trauma. What you do and say in relation to traumatic events matters! Fortunately, there are very specific things you can do to minimize the impact of traumatic events upon your child. Learning and practicing these tools can build a core of healthy resilience within your child that will help him or her withstand any storm. For a limited time, Dr. Elizabeth Fisher, PhD, LMFT is offering a three-hour workshop designed to teach you exactly how to protect your child from trauma. In just three hours, you can learn and practice the following neuroscience-based techniques to make your child TRAUMA-PROOF! Some topics taught include:

- Building Resilience Through Sensory Skills
- Restoring Resilience through Play, Art, and Rhymes
- Fostering Healthy Development
- Sexual Violation: Reducing Risk and Early Detection
- Separation, Divorce, and Death: Helping Your Child Move through the Grieving Process
- Guerrilla Warfare in Our Neighborhoods: The Real Battle to Protect Kids from Terror

The techniques you will learn in Dr. Fisher’s workshop are based on the highly acclaimed work of Peter Levine, Daniel Siegel, Bessel Van der Kolk, Maggie Klein, and Babette Rothschild. Don’t miss out on this special, opportunity to learn from a highly experienced of trauma-focused child therapist, right here in Portland. 

Classes begin February, 2016

  • Class size is limited to 15 participants.
  • CLICK HERE to register online or call us at (971) 245-6403.
  • Individual Registration $65.00, Couple Registration $100
  • Payable by cash, check or credit-card
  • Use code "early bird" to receive $15 off each registration when registering 15 days prior to scheduled date. 

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Dr. Elizabeth Fisher is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in interpersonal neurobiology and human attachment. Her experience includes work with families and children coping with addiction, trauma, mental illness, and multiple generations of family violence. Dr. Fisher utilizes a participatory model in her workshops, allowing all participants to get hands-on experience with the strategies they are learning. 

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