Healthy Bonds Family Therapy - "Healing and Strengthening Family Relationships"

This group for parents introduces the relationship-building principles of Sue Bratton et al.’s Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT). CPRT is based on the belief that the relationship between caregiver and child is deep and authentic, and as such is the perfect conduit for therapy. By teaching caregivers through didactic instruction, demonstrations of play sessions, and supervision, a Dr. Fisher teaches caregivers how to use play as a therapeutic agent in the home. This group is for parents of children up to age 10. 

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-Manage your child's difficult behaviors
-Increase your child’s resilience
-Increase positive interactions with your child
-Increase the enjoyment of being a parent

Classes begin in February, 2016

-Class size is limited to 15 participants.
-CLICK HERE to register online or call us at (971) 245-6403.
-Cost: $40 per class-some insurances will cover! There are 10 group meetings in this series.
-Payable by cash, check or credit-card
-Use code "early bird" to receive $15 off class series when registering 15 days prior to first scheduled group meeting date.

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Dr. Elizabeth Fisher is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in interpersonal neurobiology and human attachment. Her experience includes work with families and children coping with addiction, trauma, mental illness, and multiple generations of family violence. Dr. Fisher utilizes a participatory model in her workshops, allowing all participants to get hands-on experience with the strategies they are learning. 
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